Busch offering Michiganders $1 off beer for every inch of snow that falls in Grand Rapids

This winter, when the snow falls so do beer prices.

Busch unveiled a new promotion called Busch Light Snow Day this week designed to make the cold winter months go down a little smoother.

During Busch Snow Day, every inch of snow in select cities in the Midwest and Great Lakes equals $1 off Busch. In other words, the more snow falls, so does the price of Busch.

The offer is available in Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, New York and Wisconsin, but the deal for Michigan residents is 100% dependent on snowfall totals in Grand Rapids between Jan. 1 and March 20. So far, Grand Rapids has accumulated 1.8 inches of snow.

Every inch of snow equals a $1 rebate on a total purchase of one or more packages of Busch (18-pack, 24-pack or 30-pack cans or bottles), Busch Light (18-pack, 24-pack or 30-pack cans or bottles), Busch Ice (18-pack cans or bottles) or Busch N/A (12-pack cans or bottles), excluding sales tax, up to $30.

Snowfall will be determined by the official total recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Total inches will be rounded up. For example, if the total is 5.92 inches it will be bumped up to 6 inches.

The total rebate amount will be determined on or about March 21. Limit one rebate per person.

Other cities where snowfall is being tracked include:

Des Moines, Iowa

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fargo, North Dakota

Omaha, Nebraska

Buffalo, New York

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Full rules and regulations can be seen here.

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